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Finding great candidates should be easy.

Whether you spend too much time sorting through applicants, or can’t find any in the first place, HiredUp has unique and innovative offerings for every business.

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About Us

We understand

candidate behavior.

Why do people choose one job over another in the same industry with generally the same pay?

Much of this is due to a lack of transparency between the company and candidate.

In a new world where everything in our life is visual, candidates want a lense into your company to see why they’d work there and nowhere else.


HiredUp Media

Is your job attractive

to candidates?

Every culture is unique.

Our job is to help you show that to the world. As a modern day media company, we are hyper focused on showing the job market the reality of what it is like to work at your company. Using social media and digital mediums, we give you the power to show candidates exactly why they need to start a career with you and nobody else.


Candidates what to know exactly what you're offering, your perks and benefits, company culture, and what a day-in-the life is really like.

It's a big decision. They want to be confident that it is one that will impact their lives in a positive way.

First, we work with you to find out all the reasons why your job is awesome.




Then, we go and find you candidates using techniques on the same social platforms we revamped.

Armed with the knowledge of your attractive job offer, we conduct outreach to the best possible applicant group. Potential candidates see your beautiful content on social media, can clearly picture themselves at your company, and are beyond eager to apply.


A 30-minute interview

in 90 seconds.

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HiredUp App

The HiredUp mobile app is a screening tool that allows great companies

and great candidates to truly see each other before they ever meet.

How it works:

1.) Add all your job details in a fraction of time.

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4.) Candidates apply & answer questions by video.


2.) Write up to five screening questions for candidates.

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5.) Review applications as soon as they are posted.


3.) Post your job & add media to your company feed.


6.) Screen candidates & make decisions instantly.


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